Team Robocon CRCE is a robotics team from Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Bandra (W). We're a group of budding undergrad engineers who make robots to participate in Robocon India.

Mongolia - Robocon 2019

The task is based on the traditional Mangolian message communication system. The team must compete to deliver the message quickly on their four legged Automatic robots following the given rules. The team who first reaches the Uukhai Zone is the Winner !!


The Landing Disc - Robocon 2017

The rules provided take inspiration from Japan’s traditional game Tosenkyo. Two teams must compete to stack flying discs on top of 7 podiums of varied height. During the match the team can knock down the opponents stack of discs. The team with the most number of discs at the end of the match is the winner.


Chai-Yo! : Clean Energy Recharging the World - Robocon 2016

The game of ABU Robocon 2016 is designed in order to create the awareness of efficient energy consumption and clean and renewable energy utilization. Each team has to build two robots; Eco Robot and Hybrid Robot. Eco Robot doesn’t have an actuator to drive. It receives the driving energy from Hybrid Robot. Eco Robot has to use only one steering actuator to control its direction, to track the path containing Slopes and Hills, River, and Down Hill. Besides providing driving energy to Eco Robot, Hybrid Robot has to take Wind Turbine Propeller from Eco Robot and climb up Wind Turbine Pole in order to assemble Wind Turbine.


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